Marmari is the main gate of South Evia as it is only an hour away by ferry from Rafina. Its name is due to the production of the famous local Marble. It is built amphitheatrically on a beautiful cove overlooking a cluster of small islands named Petalioi. On the north side of the port we see the sandy beach of Figias with the shades made by the trees. In 10 minutes’ drive we find ourselves in Karystos with the beautiful harbor and the vibrant life. Towards the side of the Aegean Sea the scenery gets a bit rougher, but the images and the beaches are rewarding.

Starting from Ano Figias village, 2 klm away from Marmari, you can organize various excursions and discover a unique landscape of the Mediterranean with great biodiversity and history.

“Petalyi Islands”

These 9 small islands with turquoise waters, golden sandy beaches, and rich vegetation create a unique setting. During the summer months daily excursions by boat are organized for swimming or diving in the underwater scenery of the islands.


There are many beautiful beaches close to Celini Suites, some of them at the Aegean Sea side and others at the South Evian Sea side. Some of them are Potami, Limnionas, Giannitsi, Kallianos, Amygdalia, Bourou, Alykes, Porto Lafia, Chryssi Ammos.

“Diving / Windsurfing”

Diving in the South Evian Sea waters and especially at the area around Petalyi islands is a very popular activity during summer time, as their underwater sea life attracts many fans for diving and fishing. In Karystos you can find the PADI certified “Dikelas Diving Center” which will initiate you into the secrets of diving, offering educational programs for the whole family.

The fans of water sports will surely find in South Evia what they are looking. The ideal conditions prevailing in the area and the winds during August favor all the Windsurfing and Sailing lovers.


The area of South Evia is full of surprises and offers several options for excursions.

Mount Ochi – Dimosari Gorge

The area of Ochi dominates the landscape of South Evia as it consists of Mount Ochi, the valley of Karystos the Platanistos River and Cape Kafirea. Due to its rare natural beauty it has been included in the European Network of Natura 2000.

The footpaths, the mule paths and the paved streets, were once the only communication and transportation roads and in the region of Ochi. They cross inaccessible areas where roads do not exist.

The descent into the Demosari gorge is a very beautiful hiking route. The gorge starts from the sources of Dimosari River in Mount Ochi, at 1,386 meters altitude and after about 10 km. into the nature it leads to Kallianos Beaach.

Dragon Houses

There are more than 20 Dragon Houses in the area of South Evia, the most significant though is located close to the top of Mount Ochi. This ancient rectangular building is made of huge blocks and the walls are so thick that make you think that the heavy stones were placed there by superhuman. It is generally considered a mystery as to how and why they were built.

The medieval Castello Rosso in Karystos and the giant monolithic columns at “Cylinders” in the village of Mylli are a few more of the many attractions of the area.